The Kerg brand has a new owner!

We are pleased to announce that the highly appreciated kerg ™ extension cords remain on the electrical market.

At the end of 2019, the Management Board of HSK Data Sp. z o.o. decided to buy all the rights to the kerg ™ brand from the bankruptcy trustee of ACAR S.A. from Szczecinek, becoming the sole owner of the brand, thus deciding to continue the production of kerg ™ extension cords. Taking care of high production standards, the company HSK Data Sp. z o.o. launched the production of reel extension cords, common extension cords and splitters. The use of Tele-Fonika cables and PCE accessories (plugs, sockets) in technology raised the quality of new kerg ™ products to the highest standards. The Management Board and designers of HSK Data are convinced that both the former kerg ™ customers and new buyers will be fully satisfied with the current quality, durability and reliability of kerg ™ devices.

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We offer you a catalogue of kerg brand devices. The digital version of the catalog is constantly updated with the latest products. If you want to be up to date...

HSK Data is the owner of the kerg, acar and AXON brands. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the products of our company. We guarantee the highest quality of products and professional customer service as well as the possibility of tailoring the offer to individual needs.